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4 Reasons To Start A New Career

Pursuing a new career as an adult can be a scary prospect. You may think that choosing a new career is something that only college graduates do. In reality, that couldn't be further from the truth. According to The Balance Careers, the average person changes careers at least three times in their life. Changing careers is a common and well-accepted practice, and here are four reasons you should consider it:

1. Make more money.

If you went into a career that is not very lucrative, you may have to learn a new trade in order to make a higher salary. Do your research and find out which jobs pay the kind of money you want. Becoming a CPA is a viable option to grow your income. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that as of 2015, the average CPA makes $67,190 per year.

2. Pursue a new challenge.

It may be that you're feeling bored and stagnant in your current job. Some people have an insatiable need to always be learning new things, and that is an excellent quality to possess. If you want to challenge yourself, a career change is a good way to do it. Continuing education is an excellent way to learn new skills that will help you transition into a new career. For instance, accounting school can get you started on the road to becoming a CPA, even if you have no prior experience. 

3. Find fulfillment.

The truth is, you may just be unhappy at your current job. That's a perfectly acceptable reason to pursue a new career. A recent study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that among the elderly, happy people are 35% less likely to die. Enjoying your job is a big component of overall life satisfaction, and being happy is good for your health!

4. Spend more time with family.

You may like your current job, but you're frustrated with the long hours. Nurses, firefighters, and other professionals who work non-standard hours may find that they have a hard time making time to see their family. If this is you, a career change may be the change you need. You can choose a new job that lends itself well to family living.

It's never too late to start a new career. Education, perseverance, and good planning can help you achieve your dreams. After all, you deserve a job that suits your life and goals.

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online educational resources to help a struggling child

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